Dating In Korea: From Stereotypes To Statistics. Pimp Your Profile

Dating In Korea: From Stereotypes To Statistics. Pimp Your Profile

In 2014, OkCupid co-founder Christian Rudder circulated their guide Dataclysm, making use of data from an incredible number of pages in order to make conclusions concerning the ideas and habits of daters in the us. Spoiler alert: it is rough on the market, and individuals are type of awful.

No, actually. Beyond witty analysis regarding the passions of various demographic teams, Rudder unearthed that everyone was usually racist for action just because not in terms, that lots of were prudish, and that, yes, beauty kind of gets you every-where.

The headlines wasn’t all bad, however. He additionally revealed that more sinister stereotypes did maybe maybe not band real doing his thing, and therefore there clearly was some advantage to “letting your freak flag fly.”

Channeling Rudder’s effort, 10 Magazine surveyed 740 foreign and English-speaking Korean participants online to obtain their views on love, internet dating, as well as the scene as a whole, along side requesting individual anonymous tales.

That which we present in Korea had been just like Rudder’s U.S. information in that some stereotypes hold fast, but you can find constantly some shocks.

The Scene

You get to Korea. You ask about dating. Stereotypes abound.

“Everyone cheats right right here. Start to see the love motels?”

“Koreans are typical concerning the relationship and formality. Perhaps you have seen K-dramas?”

You’re Korean. You wonder about dating foreigners. Stereotypes abound.

“Foreigners are ‘easy.’ Perhaps you have seen MTV?”

“Foreign males simply want to date Korean ladies.”

Needless to say, it is never that simple.

The one thing is definite in Korea’s dating that is international: wild birds of the feather aren’t flocking together. Just 16% of non-single participants have partner of this nationality that is same them, and in the test, blended Korean-foreign partners thrive: 66% of international men and 47% of international females possessed a Korean significant other.

Some significant findings did arise in terms of views on love, sex, and marriage in Korea’s international dating scene in terms of the data.

For instance, a typical concept is in Korea, upon switching 30, the clock is ticking for a female to have hitched (or presumably, perish alone). In fact, nearly all participants, whether Korean or international, had no age range that is ideal. If you did, however, age 30-34 ended up being certainly the spot that is hot opted for by 35% of foreigners and 48% of Koreans.

Marriage apart, with regards to with regards to ended up being fine to own intercourse, doubly numerous foreigners as Koreans especially stated it had been ok for a couple of to have sexual intercourse straight away. The views with this had been strongest for international males, 37% of who stated instantly ended up being ok, and Korean ladies, of who just 11per cent thought straight away had been appropriate.

Additionally, despite any stereotypes, there have been no variations in views on whether or not it had been ok for ladies to ask guys on times or whether it ended up being fine for females to earn significantly more cash. Many people in every groups stated they certainly were ok.

The gender that is only for women was when it found blended Korean-foreign partners. Partners with a international girl and Korean guy had been 10% less “natural” to participants general than partners with a international man and woman that is korean. Real data of existing couples presented a far more exaggerated view, as almost 20percent more international males had Korean lovers than international ladies did. Interestingly, this bias against international ladies persisted also for gays and bisexuals, with nearly 20 per cent less female-female blended couples that are korean than male-male people.

Unexpectedly, foreigners in Korea are much more interested in dating Koreans than English-speaking Koreans are. 44% of international males and 25% of international females stated they might especially would rather date a Korean, while just 30% of English-speaking Korean guys and 14% of English-speaking Korean ladies stated similar. Two-thirds of men and women across all demographic groups also preferred up to now somebody never when you look at the armed forces, and around half someone that is preferred had not been religious. Foreigners felt more highly about it (54%) than Koreans (42%).

One the side that is superficial 47% of international females and 41% of Korean females do choose to date somebody high, while 50% of international guys and 36% of Korean guys prefer to date some body slender.

Therefore perhaps we’re all a bit biased with your alternatives at the beginning, but exactly what about when a relationship starts? How intimate are we actually, within the figures?

As it happens, Koreans do think more into the prerequisite for conventional relationship (flowers, chocolates, etc.) than foreigners do, and, in specific, 18% more women that are korean international ladies noted the necessity of relationship. Additionally, 15% more Koreans than foreigners thought in love in the beginning sight. Korean males had been the strongest in this belief, with 15% a lot more of them thinking than Korean females and 25% a lot more of them thinking than foreign males. Possibly all those Korean dramas actually are experiencing some type of impact.

Pimp Your Profile

Internet dating has a (deservedly) bad reputation. Individuals lie, withhold, “Photoshop,” and sometimes make things strange almost instantly. But unfortuitously, online dating sites and apps would be the most typical method to satisfy partners—29% of non-single participants had met their significant others in this way (the second group that is highest—at 18%—met their lovers in a club or pub). Within the Korean worldwide scene, OKCupid appears to be the preferred, followed closely by Tinder, Skout, after which many other online dating services.

Then just what should we consist of to maximize our swipes that are positive have more suitors?

First, it may come as no real surprise that everybody shies far from picture-less pages, though Koreans were 15% less deterred. International females were the absolute most bothered because of the absence of a photo of every group, with 92% saying they would have less interest.

Besides this, partially sexualized or nude profile photos deter about 90percent of females but just 47% of men. In reality, 22% of men stated they might be much more thinking about a partially nude or sexualized picture.

And may you place your dog for the reason that photo? Foreigners and females are far more into people who have animals. 49% of females had more desire for profiles with pet pictures. Korean men are not so pet-friendly, nevertheless: 45% stated this might reduce interest.

Fitting another typical label, two times as numerous Koreans (42%) viewed people that have tattoos within their image as unfavorable. It was particularly true of Korean guys, of who 58% stated that tattoos had been a deterrent. Meanwhile, on the flipside, 29% of international ladies really had more desire for people that have tattoos.

And just exactly what for the pages that mention intercourse straight, as many appear to? 83% of females shied far from those, but only half as much males did. In reality, very nearly 20 % of men stated that mentioning intercourse straight would make sure they are interested in a profile. On expression, these true numbers appear misleading, though, since a lot more than 1 / 2 of participants (both women and men) responded that dating web web web sites and apps had been mostly for “hook ups” anyway.

Finally, while this can come as no surprise taking into consideration the wide range of English teachers in Korea, the majority of all demographic teams dislike bad sentence structure in dating profiles. Interestingly, females had been 20percent almost certainly going to be deterred by bad sentence structure, whether international or Korean.

The main point here: if you’re girl seeking a person, protect your tattoos and conceal your pet. If you should be a male seeking a lady, place your shirt straight back on, be much more prudish, perfect your sentence structure, and get your self a puppy.

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